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NF PLASTERING is an established plastering and External Insulation company with a business address in Navan.

NF PLASTERING focuses on customer satisfaction and has built up a reputation for high-quality work, most of our work comes from customer satisfaction.

At NF PLASTERING we are very experienced and take great pride in our work, no corners are cut and all work is carried out in a timely professional manner with great care and attention to detail. At NF plastering we offer a prompt, reliable, honest and friendly service and most importantly we finish projects on time and on budget.

  • Our pricing is highly competitive and we offer a free and no obligation quote.
  • We can give good advise on different plastering methods to suit a buildings needs.
  • We always have a good relationship with clients and fellow tradesmen to ensure a project runs smoothly and hassle free.


Remodel Your House with Quality Plastering in Dublin

Did you ever wonder why people remodel their existing house and not just shift to yet another new one? Do you know what is more stressful to do – buying a new house or remodeling your existing house with all new looks?

And you know the answer, right? People may have different reasons for opting to continue with their existing house, but definitely today’s generation is more inclined towards fashion and style and hence would never wish to compromise to get a new sense of style added to the house. Another key reason which makes people stay put in their existing places is the comfort developed in that location may it be the people around, or convenient in terms of kid’s schools, your office and so on. And, remodeling is definitely less stressful.

Plastering Dublin

houses is not going to be easy since plastering is one job which not just leaves your house dirty and messy in the process, but the worse part of it is that these Plasterers are well renowned for their clumsy terrific reputation of putting your assets like electronic items, furniture etc. on stake. Another big concern could be of the time and budget that they over-exceed with ease.

If you are looking for professional services, you could try to get quotations from multiple contractors and find out the quality of their services from their reviews and your known friends. If your search is in Dublin, then you might want to gather information from NF Plastering as well who is known Plasterer Dublin for their prompt and reliable services with a friendly congenial approach. Furthermore, they are known for completing projects on time and within your estimated budget. Try them out to experience their honesty and quality of work.

External Wall Insulation Dublin

SEAI grants available up to 3,600 euro for external insulation!

*save 35-40% on heating bills.
*add value to property by improving building facade
*improving ber rating
*weatherproofing property
*eliminating moulds, mildew and condensation
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NF Plastering provides a wide range of exterior plastering services
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NF Plastering provides a wide range of interior plastering services