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SEAI Grants

External Insulation

Enjoy Reduced Energy Bills by Opting for External Insulation 

Most often people tend to ignore repairs which are seemingly tolerable. As long as it’s not a pain in the neck and hampering your daily routine, we are okay with the deterioration of it. But, this may not be right especially if it’s the matter of External Wall Insulation in Dublin.

Ireland is a country where SEAI Grants scheme is available for the external insulation of walls of your house. So, if you are thinking of delaying your decision to fix up the broken and cracked plaster of your home in Dublin, you are inviting double loss or even more.
External Insulation Dublin is much more rewarding because of a considerable amount of grant available in Dublin. But that’s not all. Few other important benefits of proper External Wall Insulation includes:

  • An all new facade with colour and texture of your choice; a more personalized atmosphere is created.
  • Offers strength to the building and slowdown deterioration of the property.
  • Alleviates the growth of moulds, mildews, termites etc.
  • It offers soundproofing and air tightness keeping your interiors dust free and relatively cleaner.
  • Most importantly, it can reduce your heating bills up to as high as 35 -40%; and your carbon footprint by cutting CO2 emissions by up to 2.5 tonnes annually.

So, enjoy dual benefits of home restoration with the all new exteriors – monetary support with the grant and reduced energy bills to envy your friends and foes alike!

NF Plastering is a registered contractor under the SEAI grant scheme and is NSAI approved installer

Grants of up to 3,600 euro are available for external insulation with 35 -40% of heat lost through walls not insulated corrrectly, external insulation can reduce your heating bills by 35 -40%. it can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting Co2 emissions by up to 2.5 tonnes per year.
NF Plastering also specializes in rendering ICF houses (usually amvic)


  • By insulating externally you are giving the building a new facade with a colour and texture of your choice.

  • Weatherproofing the property.
  • Improving soundproofing and airtightness.
  • Eliminate moulds, mildew and condensation.
  • In todays climate the importance of a correctly insulatated home cannot be overstated - in the winters of 2010 and 2011 record low temperatures were reached for a sustained period and home heat costs continue to rise.
  • Correctly installed installation will reduce heat loss through the fabric of the building thus increasing the level of comfort for the home owner in addition to reducing heat bills.
  • External wall insulation is the most effective way to insulate your home to eliminate all thermal bridging (cold bridging- gaps with no insulation) and achieve a uniform level of insulation through your home.
  • By insulating externally there is no disruption to the household or re-decorating the interior of the house as is the case after insulation.

How does it work?

By insulating externally a layer of insulation wraps around your walls and slows down the heat transfer
from inside to outside, thus allowing a heat reserve to build up in existing walls, much like a storage heater, as the temperature drops the stored heat is released back slowly into the house so during a cold winter all you need to do is rotate your heat for a few hours a day.
It acts like a blanket around your house.


Depending on your current U-Value usually 100ml of grey insulation is required to achieve a U Value of 0.27.
Window and door reveals are installed.
Window sills are partially removed and insulated window sills are installed.
Glass fibre mesh is then installed imbedded in a layer of base coat, when cured the building will be primed and finished in an accrylic texture and colour of your choice.
The insulation system comes with a 10 year warranty and your home will have a maintenance free finish.

House in Crossakiel, Meath before external insulation

During work

After external insulation completed