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Lime Plastering

At NF plastering we also specialize in traditional lime plastering.
We are very experienced in all aspects of internal and external lime plastering.

  • We can offer a wide variety of finishes suitable for internal and external uses.
  • We use natural hydraulic lime applied by traditional methods,delivering our projects on time and on budget.
  • All our work is finished to a very high standard and finished to a very high standard and is carried out in a timely professional manner with great care and attention to detail.
  • We also take care of all interior and exterior lime render repair work and lath and plaster repair work.


In the older days building techniques and materials were very different from those used today.

Traditional buildings need to breathe to release moisture in a solid wall construction without a damp proof course to evaporate from the external stone work or render unlike modern sand and cement which holds moisture.

Lime provides a comfortable living environment and helps stabilize the internal humidity of a building by absorbing and releasing moisture which will help keep a building free of dampness and mould growth,

Many old buildings were constructed from materials such as brick,cob and stone which are relatively porous and are often of lower strenght..

Lime mortars were normally used for bedding and pointing and is a relatively softer mortar and therefore is able to withstand a certain amount of movement(without cracking) that comes with settlement.

Lime renders were applied originally to walls in exposed areas as protection from severe weather conditions and driving winds.
Lime renders assist drying out by evaporation,have good workability,are durable and have stood the test of time.

Lime renders also make it impossible for soluble salts to build up within walls and attack the fabric of a building.

Natural Wall insulation

We can also insulate walls on a lime based property or homes with a conservation order.

Gutex is a natural wood fibre insulation board and can be installed internally or externally on a building and allows a building to breathe naturally.

Calsitherm climate board is another natural insulation board and is used internally on brick, stone, listed and heritage buildings and allows walls to breathe also and can be used on vulnerable or damp walls. Extensive tests confirm as calsitherm climate board is alkline, mould can hardly form on its surface.