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Grants by SEAI- For Energy Efficient Homes

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Grants and funds money for various projects for promoting sustainable energy technologies, structures, and practices. SEAI Grants money for energy efficient improvements in the home to the elderly and vulnerable people, increasing the deployment of low carbon technologies, for companies and researchers developing innovative tidal energy and wave technologies, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles etc. After the work done is decided by you, you need to choose an SEAI Registered Contractor.

The contractor chooses must be registered for the particular job they are supposed to perform. SEAI recommends contracting a number of SEAI Registered Contractor to discuss and get quotes for the job. Homeowners and contractor need to form a contract for the same. After checking references of work done by contractors, for grant works, a BER must be completed and published by a registered BER assessor. SEAI Grants for cover up material costs, however, labor costs are not eligible in all circumstances.

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