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Internal and External Insulation Dublin – For Heat Restoration

Among three main types of insulation, Internal Insulation Dublin and External Insulation Dublin are the two most commonly used insulation methods. Internal insulation aims at restoring the heat being lost from a home. It is used in old homes where cavity wall insulation can is not possible. In this, Tiber studs or light gauge steel channels are fixed inside the walls and insulation we laid between them. It is appropriate when external walls are deteriorating or poorly insulated or when external insulation will hinder building’s appearance.

It causes the reduction in heat loss, keeps home cool in summer, lower fuel bills, and improves energy rating and much more. External insulation involves a process of fixing consistent layer of insulation to exterior walls through mechanical fixings. It reduces thermal bridging, saves up to 30% of heat and enhances the exterior. It is the best insulation method available today and is cost effective.Various insulation contractors Dublin offer both Internal Insulation Dublin and External Insulation Dublin.


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