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NF Plastering is fully trained and cerified installer of Pro Clima airtight membrane and tapes. We work closely with our supplier ecological build systems to achieve the highest possible standard of airtightness in your home or prospect.

In theory it is uncontrolled flow of air both into and out of the building through cracks and gaps , uncontrolled air flow accounts for a large proportion of energywasted through a building.

Achieving improved airtightness is a important factor for a builder or contractor meeting present building regulations and improve the cost of running building.

Airtightness simply means eliminating all draft, drafts can be so small under window board, around windows and doors but can have a drastic effect on energy loss. To achieve airtightness is a consistent air resistant layer all around the inside of a building including where floor, wall meet and around all window plus door opening. A breathable Pro Clima membrane behind the plasterboard on upper ceilings on all structure types and timber frame construction. The airtightness layer must be continued from floor to ceiling.